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Foreign Markets Joint Venture to Establish Rheocasting in China

Editor: Isabell Page

The new joint venture called Rheocomp Machinery Equipment (Jiangle) Co Ltd. is intended to develop, market and sell Rheocasting equipment in China.

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With the joint venture, Comptech intends to strengthen rheocasting in the asian market.
With the joint venture, Comptech intends to strengthen rheocasting in the asian market.
(Source: gemeinfrei / Pixabay )

With the aim to service and support Comptech's customers in China, the company will start the operations immediately from its headquarters in city of Jiangle. The market offer is now the same all over the world including equipment, know how and product development support to foundries, designers and buyers of casted components.

“To be in China is of great importance as China represents 50 % of the worlds production of die casted components. Furthermore, we are receiving an increasing interest from foundries and buyers in china why we needed to have a complete global coverage to be able to act effectively with OEM´s and other larger companies. It is with great pleasure we now can offer the same products and services regardless of geographical situation and by this follow our customers over the world.”

The company holds all relevant patents and the know-how from +10 years of development as the members of the joint venture are bringing this into the company´s organization. To place the company in Jiangle is ideal as the city is the center for R&D of semi solid casting based on the research institute of semi-solid metals technology.

This article is based on a press release by Comptech AB.

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