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KS Huayu Builds Production Hall in Neckarsulm

| Author: Jens Scheiner

KS Huayu Alutech invests around 35 million euros in the construction of a new production hall in Neckarsulm. On 5,000 square meters, the automotive supplier will manufacture structural aluminum components in the future.

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KS Huayu Alutech is investing around 35 million euros in the construction of a new 5,000 square meter production hall for structural aluminum components.
( Source: Rheinmetall Automotive )

KS Huayu Alutech is expanding its production capacities at the Neckarsulm location with the construction of a new 5,000-square-meter production hall for structural aluminum components. According to its own figures, the automotive supplier is investing a total of around 35 million euros in the new production facility. This became necessary due to additional orders for components other than combustion engines. These include mounts for shock absorbers and struts as well as aluminum crossbeams. In addition, the company manufactures battery pans for electric vehicles that are currently starting up.

When the company was founded in 2014, the automotive supplier Rheinmetall Automotive contributed its casting activities at the Neckarsulm site to a 50:50 joint venture with Huayu Automotive Systems (Hasco), a member of the Chinese SAIC Group. The joint venture specializes in the development and manufacture of cylinder crankcases and structural components as well as battery pans and housings for electric motors in passenger cars. The company is also present at two other German and six locations in China, where it is the largest manufacturer of aluminium cylinder heads with more than five million units annually.

The company currently employs 120 people in its new production facility. With a total of 1,100 employees at the Neckarsulm site, the casting manufacturer generates annual sales of 320 million euros.

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