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Surface Finishing KTL Coated Aluminum and Zinc Die Cast Parts

Editor: Isabell Page

Ebbinghaus Styria Coating GmbH also offers KTL coating for zinc die cast and aluminum parts. The process and the bath parameters are optimised and certified in such a way that components made of steel, aluminum and zinc die cast can be processed mixed.

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KTL coating of zinc die cast and aluminum parts
KTL coating of zinc die cast and aluminum parts
(Source: Ebbinghaus)

The KTL coating not only increases corrosion protection for steel components and ensures an attractive appearance, but also for aluminum and zinc castings. However, the chemical behaviour of aluminum and zinc is different from that of steel, it is more reactive and reacts more sensitively. In addition, the coating requires a very clean and controlled bath management, which is therefore also more cost-intensive. This applies in particular to the baths in the pre-treatment in the cathodic dip painting process in order to avoid undesirable influences on the material.

At Ebbinghaus, the bath parameters are managed and controlled within a narrow tolerance range so that changes can be reacted to very quickly. Ebbinghaus guarantees consistently good coating quality thanks to its many years of experience, good cooperation with chemical and paint suppliers and close coordination with customers. This is because the coating result is also highly dependent on the raw material supplied by the customer. For example, drawing oils or release agents used in production can lead to coating problems. These and other factors have to be discussed in advance. A further component of quality is regular sample coatings in order to achieve an optimum coating result.

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