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Laser Pro Fusion Technology as an Alternative to Injection Molding

| Editor: Alexander Stark

EOS recently introduced the fast Laser Pro Fusion technology for additive manufacturing of plastic components. Up to 1 million diode lasers are used to replace injection molding.

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With LaserProFusion technology, the duration of the exposure time is significantly reduced, regardless of the number of components and their geometries.
( Source: EOS )

With the new Laser Pro Fusion technology, EOS is introducing a new development aimed to maximize productivity. To this end, the interaction between powder material and laser was optimized. In contrast to previous laser-sintering methods, however, it is not one CO2 laser that runs along the entire construction area, but up to one million diode lasers are used. These lasers can achieve a maximum total output of up to 5 kW.


For each component layer, only the lasers at the points where the CAD data of the component specifies the points for melting the powder are activated to the exact pixel. The new technology significantly shortens the exposure time, regardless of the number of components and their geometries.

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