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Cobots Lightweight Cobots with 7 Axes for SMEs

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

The Danish start-up Kassow Robots presented itself to a larger trade audience for the first time at the Automatica 2018. There, three industrial lightweight cobots with seven axes wede on display.

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The first two models KR 810 and KR 1205 are now going into production.
The first two models KR 810 and KR 1205 are now going into production.
(Source: Pixabay)

Kassow Robots, established in 2014 by Kristian Kassow and two partners in Copenhagen, will be presenting their solutions at the Automatica for the first time. In line with the claim "strong, fast, simple", the Danish start-up company developed industrial lightweight cobots with seven axes. Kassow Robots' powerful and fast robots could be used in tight spaces, the company says. The user-friendliness also enabled medium-sized companies to use complex automation and programming flexibly, cost-efficiently and independently without the need for highly trained robot specialists.

Three Cobots at the Automatica 2018

"The development of robots and the innovative spirit never let me go," emphasizes Kristian Kassow, who was co-founder of another robotics company in 2004 that is now one of the world market leaders. "Now we are in the starting positions with Kassow Robots and present our 7-axis Cobots with joint speeds of up to 225 degrees/second for the first time. The combination of different special features makes our Cobots powerful and unique." Kassow Robots showcased the Cobots KR 810 (with 850 mm reach/ 10 kg payload), KR 1205 (with 1,200 mm reach/ 5 kg payload) and KR 1805 (with 1,800 mm reach/ 5 kg payload) at the Automatica. The first two models KR 810 and KR 1205 are now going into production. With the KR 1805 model, the next Cobot from the Danish start-up will be ready at the end of 2018.


Behind Kassow Robots stands a team of three founders with core qualifications in development, production and global sales. The vision of the start-up, founded in 2014, is to help especially SMEs to become even more competitive in industrial production in the long term with a very broad range of cobots. Kassow Robots will gradually build a network of system integrators. The start-up sees a wide range of applications for its products. "System integrators and the end customers should decide how and where they want to use our Cobots. The classic applications certainly include loading and unloading machines, for example in metalworking, pick & place or palletizing, smaller assembly activities, test applications, quality control, and adhesive applications," explains Dieter Pletscher, Sales Director at Kassow Robots since March 2018.

This article was first published by MM MaschinenMarkt

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