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Automotive Industry Lightweight Pistons for International Carmaker

Editor: Nicole Kareta

With a lifetime volume of more than €200 million, China-based Kolbenschmidt Huayu Piston Co. Ltd. (KSHP) which belongs to Rheinmetall Automotive AG, has received an order from one of the world's biggest car producers. The order is for modern lightweight pistons for gasoline engines with ring carrier and coolant gallery technology.

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Car producer ordered lightweight pistons from Kolbenschmidt Huayu Piston Co. Ltd.
Car producer ordered lightweight pistons from Kolbenschmidt Huayu Piston Co. Ltd.
(Source: gemeinfrei / Pexels )

Developed by Rheinmetall subsidiary KS Kolbenschmidt, the components will go into production at KSHP in Shanghai starting in 2022. The order runs until 2028.

Made for a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, in the future these pistons will be used in all of the customer's new four-cylinder series in China. The customer will mount them locally at three of its engine plants according to the "local for local" principle, thus benefiting from the efficiency of a relatively short supply chain.

Another important criterion for the award was KS Kolbenschmidt's extensive global network of locations and the Chinese subsidiary’s close cooperation with Rheinmetall Automotive headquarters in Neckarsulm. On site in Shanghai, KSHP also has a local tech center staffed by more than thirty highly qualified engineers. The center offers direct service to automotive manufacturers and covers all customer requirements, making the company a valued development partner for both local and international OEMs.

The pistons form part of KS Kolbenschmidt's Liteks program. These are particularly low-weight, low-friction components. They meet strict requirements for reduced fuel consumption and emissions, enabling them among other things to meet the latest exhaust emission standards in China.

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