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May 28, 2019

HALL HEATING: Warm air heater RBW - Energy efficient hall heating

The warm air heater RBW sets standards in energy efficiency, sustainability and low operating costs in hall heating, with innovative condensing technology. The decentralised heating units, mounted under the ceiling, suction the rising heat from the hall, filter it and lead the cleaned air past a stainless steel combustion chamber to heat the air to the desired room temperature. Inside the new heat exchanger, a turbulent flow of the exhaust gases is continuously generated and thereby ensures an optimised heat exchange. The efficiency of the system (based on the calorific value) increases to more than 106% - an increase of over 10% compared to conventional decentralised systems!

Furthermore, via steady tapping of the heat cushion under the ceiling, the temperature difference is reduced to a minimum of 0.1 ° C to 0.4 ° C per meter.

The RBW type decentralised hot air system is heated with natural gas or low sulphur fuel oil. The system can also optionally be supported by solar air collector resources. Suctioned air is heated and fed in via a channel system. Heating costs can be reduced even further to 15%. 

Technische data

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The warm air heater RBW:

  • High system efficiency of up to 106% (based on the calorific value)
  • The system can be heated with natural gas or low-sulfur fuel oil.
  • Heating cost reduction by up to 50%
  • Heating and ventilation with one system
  • Healthy indoor climate in every season
  • 10-year warranty on combustion chamber and heat exchanger (Requirement is a maintenance contract):

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