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Market Changes Machine Factory Undergoes Realignment

Editor: Nicole Kareta

At an information conference held on February 11th, the employees of Kurtz GmbH were informed by Managing Director Uwe Rothaug about the future reorientation of the company. Due to serious changes in the traditional areas of "foam machines" and "foundry machines", the group management has decided to realign the company.

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In order to remain competitive, the planned reorientation requires not only cost reductions but also an effective forward strategy.
In order to remain competitive, the planned reorientation requires not only cost reductions but also an effective forward strategy.
(Source: Kurtz GmbH)

"The development towards the electric vehicle means that fewer and fewer cast parts are required. In addition, we are currently seeing a dramatic decline in plastic packaging - both developments require a new market approach for Kurtz GmbH", explained Uwe Rothaug.

The planned reorientation requires on the one hand cost reductions and on the other hand an effective forward strategy in order to remain competitive. Details of the planned measures are currently still under review and will be examined together with the works council. The overall objective is to preserve as many jobs as possible in the long term. For one thing, capacities can be compensated for by restructuring within the Kurtz Ersa Group, and for another, the under-utilization of mechanical processing capacity at Maschinenfabrik Wiebelbach caused by the market cannot be compensated for by relocation within the Group. Therefore, the employees were informed that the "Mechanical Processing" division is to be sold.

In order to strategically orientate itself towards a successful future, Kurtz GmbH will concentrate primarily on the business areas "Automotive" and "Protective Solutions" and focus on offering comprehensive solution concepts to its customers in the automotive and plastics industries. In addition, new technologies will be analysed and developed to market maturity via a competence centre "Future Business". "We see enormous opportunities, for example, in the new "radio frequency technology". With our world-first innovation, we are playing a pioneering role in the industry and offer our customers a process that enables them to save 90 % energy and 70 % material. Furthermore, we are working with external consultants to develop further new business areas for a sustainable future of Maschinenfabrik Wiebelbach", said Uwe Rothaug.

The Kurtz Ersa Group generated a turnover of almost 270 million euros with about 1,250 employees in the last business year. The result is also at the level of the previous year. A further lateral movement is expected for 2020.

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