Magmasoft Optimizes Autonomous Engineering Die Casting

| Editor: Juliana Pfeiffer

With Magmasoft 5.4 Magma supports the optimization of the casting quality for all process steps, from the dosing of the melt in the shot chamber, the shot profile, the spraying process to the heat balance of the tool.

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The simulation of heat treatment can be integrated into the virtual process chain in die casting.
( Source: Pixabay / CC0 )

Temperature control, spot cooling or near-contour cooling can be optimized for their thermal efficiency in terms of flow technology. The tool design is supported by the calculation of ejector forces and the possibility of pre-compensation of the tool cavity.


The simulation of heat treatment is seamlessly integrated into the virtual process chain in die casting and allows the design of heat treatment frames to reduce component distortion.

Magmasoft 5.4 integrates the True-Adaptive-Geometry-Meshing, a new and flexible crosslinking method and a new flow solver especially for the die casting process. (jup)

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