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Magna Introduces Ultra-Light Door Module

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Compared with conventional car doors, Magna has been able to reduce the weight of a new door module by more than 40 %. In addition, the electronic locking system does not require any mechanical components.

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Magna introduces ultra-light door module.
Magna introduces ultra-light door module.
( Source: Pixabay / CC0 )

Magna has introduced a door module made of aluminium, which is up to 42.5 percent lighter than conventional doors.
Magna has introduced a door module made of aluminium, which is up to 42.5 percent lighter than conventional doors.
( Source: Magna )

The automotive supplier Magna has developed a new ultra-light door module. Together with the US Department of Energy, the automobile manufacturer Fiat Chrysler (FCA) and the Spanish interior supplier Grupo Antolin succeeded in reducing the weight of the module by 42.5 % compared to conventional doors. The project is based on a development of Ford and Magna's Multi-Material Lightweight Vehicle (MMLV) from 2014.

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