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Aluminum Major Growth Markets in India

Editor: Nicole Kareta

India continues to be one of the most dynamic aluminum markets. Demand is driven especially by infrastructure projects there. This development is also reflected by ALUMINIUM INDIA 2021.

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India wants to take e-mobility to the next level.
India wants to take e-mobility to the next level.
(Source: gemeinfrei / Pixabay )

India is among the fastest growing aluminum markets. The industry is expanding its capacities and investing in new technologies to satisfy the rising demands in the energy, transport, construction and packaging sectors. ALUMINIUM INDIA 2021 will mirror how this market is developing early next year. The trade fair will be accompanied by the renowned INCAL Conference organised by the Aluminium Association of India (AAI). 2,500 visitors and 120 exhibitors from India, China, North America and Europe are expected to visit the event – ranging from international technology providers to regional producers and processors.

E-Mobility, Electric Systems and Smart Cities

In India it is especially infrastructure projects that drive growth and open up market opportunities for the aluminum industry. One of the biggest projects here is the modernization of the power grid but commercial construction and smart cities are also inducing demand.

India also wants to take e-mobility to the next level: by 2030 30% of all new vehicles registered are to be e-vehicles, from 2030 only passenger cars with battery drive are planned to be registered. State funding for this has increased markedly. The two Japanese manufacturers Toyota and Suzuki have already announced the wish to jointly develop a model exclusively for India.

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