Meusburger will be Taking Over Software Specialist Segoni

| Editor: Daniel Richter

The mould component specialist Meusburger announced that it will take over the German company Segoni. Segoni develops ERP/PPS software and has a wide range of customers from the areas of mould and die construction.

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Software Specialist Segoni and Meusburger are now working together.
Software Specialist Segoni and Meusburger are now working together.
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In the coming years, long-term investments will be made in the further development of the ERP/PPS (Enterprise Resource Planning/Production Planning and Control System) software of Segoni. Alongside the knowledge-based management method WBI, customers of the Meusburger Group will also be supported in the area of ERP/PPS through the digitalisation process.

Understanding Customers Even Better

This shows that alongside the existing areas of business, the Meusburger Group is also engaging strongly with the topic of digitalisation. According to the company, the goal is to understand customers and their processes better, in order to then be able to optimise processes together. Alongside the already tried and trusted knowledge-based management method WBI (Better Integration of Knowledge), thanks to the takeover of Segoni, customers of the Meusburger Group will in future also have support through the digitalisation process in the areas of ERP and PPS.

Segoni is active in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the area of ERP/PPS software for medium-sized companies. Their customers are manufacturing companies with individual production structures, from the areas of mould, die, and jigs and fixtures construction. Segoni offers solutions for efficient corporate management. The range of products and services are tailored to the requirements of the companies and contain everything to do with planning, calculation, deadline and capacity planning, as well as purchasing and warehouse management.

“With Segoni we are bringing on board the leading supplier in the field of ERP/PPS software for medium-sized companies in our industry. In the years to come we will invest in the further development of the software and through this continuously and sustainably expand the range of services we offer our customers,” explains Guntram Meusburger, Managing Director of the Meusburger Group.

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