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E-Mobility Milestone in Electromobility at BMW

Editor: Nicole Kareta

More than 200,000 BMW i3s have already rolled off the production line at the BMW Group plant in Leipzig. The company considers the model to be a pioneer on which numerous innovations are based. The electric drive and lightweight construction technology for the electric vehicle comes from Lower Bavaria.

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With the 200,000th BMW i3 in October, there was also a production anniversary to celebrate at the BMW Group plant in Landshut.
With the 200,000th BMW i3 in October, there was also a production anniversary to celebrate at the BMW Group plant in Landshut.
(Source: BMW Group)

As competence centers for e-drive production and innovative lightweight design, the Germany-based BMW Group plants in Dingolfing and Landshut supply central components to Leipzig. While the high-voltage storage system, the electric transmission and the aluminum chassis come from Dingolfing, Landshut contributes the electric motor, the cockpit and structural components made of light metal.

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Expansion of Many Years of Expertise in the Field of Electromobility

Seven years ago, the BMW i3 laid the foundation for electric and emission-free mobility at the BMW Group. Since then, high-voltage batteries for the model have been coming off the production line in Dingolfing. Over the years, the plant has also developed into a center of excellence for e-drive production: Highly integrated e-drive components, i.e. battery modules, high-voltage batteries and e-motors for electrified vehicles, are manufactured in-house here on eight production lines. In the coming years, production capacity will be significantly increased even further. From an original 8,000 square meters in 2015, the production area of the e-drive production competence center will increase tenfold to 80,000 square meters. As early as 2022, e-drives for over half a million electrified vehicles per year will be manufactured in Dingolfing alone.

"I am very pleased about 200,000 BMW i3s produced, whose success story we have played a major role in writing with components from Dingolfing," says plant manager Christoph Schröder. "The BMW i3 is a true trailblazer on which numerous innovations are based. We want to build on this pioneering achievement with the BMW iNEXT, which will start up at our Dingolfing plant next year," Schröder continues.

In-House Component Production Supports Transformation

With the 200,000th BMW i3, there was also a production anniversary to celebrate at the BMW Group plant in Landshut. After all, an electric motor from the Lower Bavarian component plant has always provided dynamic propulsion in the BMW i3. Since 2019, the Landshut plant has also been manufacturing the drive system for the MINI SE electric runabout.

"We are proud to be making such an important contribution to the technological transformation of our industry," says Dr. Stefan Kasperowski, Head of the BMW Group Plant Landshut. "As the company's innovative technology hub, we will also contribute numerous components for the BMW iNEXT."

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