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Press Release Miratec TC Technology Shows Best Performance in Turbocharger Casting

Editor: Isabell Page

Ask Chemicals has developed a zirconium-free coating technology with MIRATEC TC. As a result, users are less dependent on rising raw material prices and benefit from a product that is in no way inferior to the performance of zirconium coatings.

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Venting nozzles for core boxes with self-cleaning effect.
Venting nozzles for core boxes with self-cleaning effect.
(Source: Pixabay / CC0 )

To meet increasingly stringent carbon regulations, a rethinking of drive conceptsis required for the long-term. Until e-mobility can be used across the board, however, "conventional" drive technology will be further downsized in conjunction with ever more powerful turbocharger technology in order to be able to satisfy the aforementioned requirements. To withstand higher exhaust gas temperatures, for example, turbocharger components are now cast in steel, a process which places new demands on coating technology.

In steel casting, it is state-of-the-art to use zirconium-containing coatings, due mainly to the good refractory properties of zirconium. However, against the background of the rising zirconium prices, it makes sense to consider new solutions.

The New Coating Technology

ASK Chemicals Research & Development has developed a new coating technology for turbocharger series casting, not only to meet the new requirement profile for turbocharger component casting, but also as a response to rising zirconium prices. MIRATEC TC is a zirconium-free coating technology, which nevertheless performs with excellent thermal stability. The technology gives the user more independence from rising raw material prices while benefiting from a product that is in no way inferior to the performance of zirconium coatings.

Due to the significantly lower density of the zirconium-free coating compared to zirconium-containing products, the MIRATEC TC series has a wider range. In other words, in addition to independence from high raw material prices, MIRATEC TC technology also provides the user with an extremely efficient coating solution. The new technology shows good suspension behavior in the dipping plant and adapted (short) cycle times in the application. Relatively short drying times are typical for the products. Thanks to consistent further development, series applications show a significant reduction in gas and surface defects as well as safety in achieving the required surface values.

"It is our task as a partner and supplier to offer our customers sustainable solutions. This includes solutions for new materials, but also products that are viable against the background of constantly rising raw material prices. Of course, ASK Chemicals always keeps an eye on the efficiency of the solution," sums up Christian Koch, Technical Product Manager for coatings.

ASK Chemicals is presenting this solution at the GIFA in Düsseldorf, Germany from June 25th to 29th, 2019 in Hall 12, Stand A22.

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