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Smart MES Apps Mobile Data Acquisition in Production with Smart MES Apps

Editor: Janina Seit

In times of the Industrial Internet of Things and ever more flexible production processes, the demand for mobile data acquisition solutions is increasing. That is why MPDV offers new apps for smartphones and tablets specifically designed for data capture in production. The focus is on the needs-oriented operator guidance.

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In addition to data acquisition with stationary touchscreen terminals or industrial PCs, MES users can now enter data via smartphone or tablet using the new apps from MES specialist MPDV. The new data entry functions are called up easily and conveniently from a mobile machine overview.

Examples of Mobile MES Applications

In connection with the MES Hydra from MPDV, MES experts speak of so-called Smart MES Applications (SMA). It can for instance, display current machine data or key figures. With new data-entry apps, traditional data entry functions such as "register operation", "switch without input", "log off user" or "change resource status" are now also available on a smartphone or tablet.

Further examples of SMA functions:

  • Key Figure Monitor
  • Integrated user search
  • Smart maintenance
  • Timekeeping and employee information
  • Complaint recording and management
  • Simple production planning
  • Machine overview
  • Order overview
  • Inspection data acquisition

Rainer Deisenroth, Vice President Sales/Marketing at MPDV: "The new function package is now available and considerably expands the possibilities and flexibility of data acquisition in everyday production.”
Rainer Deisenroth, Vice President Sales/Marketing at MPDV: "The new function package is now available and considerably expands the possibilities and flexibility of data acquisition in everyday production.”
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The functions can be arranged according to order, workstation, resources and material, ensuring both a space-saving arrangement and a convenient operation. By scanning a barcode or QR code, tedious and occasionally error-prone manual input via the keyboard can be avoided.

However, Smart MES applications are more than just apps: they use the same mechanisms as the proven MES applications and shop floor integration services to capture, evaluate and display data. The holistic concept does not create any new interfaces.

All functions from SMA are available as mobile apps for iOS and Android as well as browser-based web applications.

All Dialogs are Configurable

Similar to previous data capturing functions, all dialogs can be configured in a way that allows users to adapt them to the requirements of their documentation process without any programming knowledge. In addition, users can also create customized entry dialogs.

In the course of decentralization, the Touch2Plan control app offers the possibility of making specific changes to the detailed production planning on a tablet PC: for example, moving and scheduling scheduled operations or scheduling new operations from the worklist. Touch2Plan thus complements the Hydra control console with intuitive control functions for the person responsible on site.

With SMA, important information from MES applications can be displayed on data glasses (Smart Glasses/Wearables). Without interrupting the actual activity or during production, maintenance personnel, foremen or quality assurance officers are immediately alerted to unplanned events, e.g. by displaying information from escalation management or other MES applications. If necessary, further details can be called up, so that specific countermeasures can be initiated directly at the site of the incident and the problems can be eliminated.

Rainer Deisenroth, Vice President Sales/Marketing at MPDV, explains: "The new function package is now available and significantly expands the possibilities and flexibility of data acquisition in everyday production.”

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) help manufacturing companies to make their production processes more efficient, increase productivity and thus secure or expand their own competitiveness. A modern MES enables companies to capture, evaluate and display production-related data along the entire value chain in real time. In this way, the employees responsible can react quickly to unplanned events and take appropriate countermeasures. At all levels, MES supports both short-term and far-reaching decisions with a reliable database.


MES Offers a 360° View of All Resources Involved in Production

With its extensive range of functions, Hydra covers all the requirements of VDI Guideline 5600. The individual Hydra applications can be combined on the basis of a central MES database according to requirements and without any interfaces. In this way, this modular MES provides a 360° view of all resources involved in production and can also seamlessly map comprehensive processes.

Configuration and customizing tools ensure that Hydra can be tailored to meet a wide range of industry and company-specific requirements. It integrates into existing IT landscapes and serves as a link between production (shop floor) and the management level (e. g. ERP system). With an MES system such as Hydra, manufacturing companies remain reactive and thus secure their competitiveness — even with IIoT in mind.

This article was first published by Industry of Things.

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