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Ingersoll: Special Tools with PKD Inserts Much More Productive with PCD for Aluminum

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Pressol Schmiergeräte GmbH manufactures machine pump housings and covers made of aluminum with special tools from Ingersoll. These tools are equipped with PKD cutting inserts. This reduces the machining time from 160 to only 7 seconds.

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Pump covers with customized clamps
Pump covers with customized clamps
(Source: Ingersoll / Pressol)

The manufacturer analyses the manufacturing processes at certain intervals. In line with continuous process optimization, the plant manager, Matthias Fischer, focuses in particular on frequently recurring components. These are to be processed particularly economically. This also concerned a cast pump cover made of aluminum AlSi12. Previously, they used solid carbide tools. The total machining time was 160 seconds.

Updated Processing Concept

Johannes Post, Product Manager PCD Tools at the tool manufacturer Ingersoll, and Udo Stangl, responsible for technical consulting, presented tools with PCD cutting edges in order to analyze the possibilities of machining more economically and productively. The tool manufacturer designed two special tools with soldered PCD cutting inserts especially for the manufacture of the pump cover.

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The equipment manufacturer uses these inserts to manufacture the aluminum components on the single-spindle machining center type Chiron Mill 2000. The machine features two worktables. Its main spindle offers 25 kW drive power. It holds tools in a HSK 63 receptacle. These are cooled and lubricated by means of an internal coolant supply (40 bar). The workpieces are clamped by a specially designed clamping system from the manufacturer Schunk. The coating of the components must be taken into account during the manufacturing process. It must not be damaged outside the bores or countersinks to be machined.

Pre-Machining and Finishing Using Two Tools

The tool manufacturer's experts have developed two countersinking tools for productive machining of the fitting bores. One of them pre-machines three fitting bores to 30, 35- and 95-mm diameters, a further countersink produces 100.2 mm diameter bores. The special tool is designed as a double cutter. The second special tool finishes the three pre-machined bores to fit sizes 30H8, 35H7 and 95H7. It is also double-edged.

PKD Tools Convince the Customer

Both tools work at 4500 min-1 speed. This results in a cutting speed of between 453 and 1336 m/min. The tooth feeds per revolution are between 0.022 mm and 0.087 mm. This results in smooth surfaces.

The decisive advantage is the reduced processing time of only 7 s compared to 160 s previously. This will enable the equipment manufacturer to manufacture the pump covers much more productively and economically in future. As a result, additional capacity can be tapped at the same time without having to procure additional machines.

Special Tools - Profitable in Series Production

Especially in series production, special tools usually prove to be particularly advantageous. They combine several machining operations. This minimizes non-productive times. Depending on the version, several tool changes per machined workpiece can be skipped. In addition, special tools that combine several machining operations increase accuracy. For example, the alignment and concentricity of several countersinks is already integrated in the tool and no longer dependent on the axis movements of the machining centers. Despite the higher initial investment, Pressol's technicians consider the special tools to be particularly profitable.

This article was first published by Schweizer MaschinenMarkt.

Original by Konrad Mücke / Translation by Alexander Stark

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