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Electromobility New BMW Objective: Half a Million Electric Cars by 2019

Editor: Janina Seit

BMW CEO Harald Krüger expects that OEMs will be able to significantly increase sales of e-cars in the near future. Nevertheless, he continues to believe in the future of combustion engines and disagrees with VW boss Müller on the subject of diesel taxes.

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The current BMW i-Portfolio consists of i3 and i8..
The current BMW i-Portfolio consists of i3 and i8..
(Source: BMW)

BMW wants the development of electric mobility to pick up speed. CEO Harald Krüger has set a new goal: Half a million electric vehicles sold by the end of 2019, he told Wirtschaftswoche magazine. In addition to purely electrically powered vehicles, this also includes hybrid vehicles.

This year, the Munich-based company has sold 100,000 electric cars, in total they have been selling more than 200,000, Krüger said. In 2018, sales of e-cars are expected to rise sharply: "In 2018, we will increase sales in the mid-double-digit percentage range compared with 2017," Krüger told the magazine. "By the end of 2019, there will be half a million electrified vehicles on the road."

However, BMW does not want to do without combustion engines for the foreseeable future: "We need both the internal combustion engine and the electric drive," said Krüger. Profits from the sale of conventional cars are intended to provide scope for the conversion to electric mobility.

Krüger Wants Subsidies for Diesel to Remain Unchanged

Unlike the Chairman of the Board of Management of VW, Matthias Müller, Krüger wants to stick to the tax subsidies for diesel. “I think that it would be wrong to abolish diesel subsidies," Krüger said. From the point of view of the customers who bought a diesel, this step cannot be justified. Müller had expressed doubts about the sense of tax advantages for diesel fuel. “If the transformation to environmentally friendly electric cars is to be successful, the internal combustion engine diesel cannot continue to be subsidized as before," Müller recently told the Handelsblatt newspaper.

This article was first published by Automobil Industrie.

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