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Meusburger New Embossing Elements for Die Making

Editor: Steffen Donath

With the new embossing elements from Meusburger, stamped parts can be marked quickly and easily. On the one hand this serves for clear traceability of stamped parts, and on the other hand for visual monitoring of the correct machine parameters.

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New embossing elements for die making.
New embossing elements for die making.
(Source: Meusburger)

The E 5674 Embossing stamp holder with the matching E 56742 Inserts ensure flexible marking of stamped parts with four or six digits. This allows different combinations for batch or date controls. In addition, the embossing stamp holder fulfils the criteria of the PSA standard.

With the E 5676 Visual locator setting punch, visual monitoring can be carried out at the BDC position of the die. The serrated ring of the visual locator setting punch is pressed into the punching strip when the stamping die is closed in order to visually represent the correct position of the die. The visual locator setting punch is available from stock in diameters 10 and 13 mm.

This article was first published by ETMM.

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