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Strack Norma New Products for Die Casting Tools Lead to Increased Efficiency

Editor: Steffen Donath

Strack Norma will be showcasing its new products for injection moulding and die casting tools and its range of products for the tool- and mould-making industry.

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The system compression springs SN2520, SN2540, SN2560 and SN2580 from Strack Norma comply with DIN ISO 10243.
The system compression springs SN2520, SN2540, SN2560 and SN2580 from Strack Norma comply with DIN ISO 10243.
(Source: Strack Norma)

The new flat centerings Z500 and Z501 ensure a precise mould centering. They can be screwed on the outside of the mould and thus increase the active range of the constructing engineer in the tool. Available in six dimensions and in a narrow design, they maintain the plate stability and can easily be dismounted even with closed tools. The new, compact slide holding devices Z5140-3-250 and Z5140-4-250 expand the proven series Z5140. Its roof-shaped holding surface is fixed transversely so that it makes it possible to secure especially long and narrow sliders even in minimal space. It guarantees a high holding force and enables a safe operation of the slide tool.

System compression springs of Strack Norma are made of a flat-round profile wire of spring steel. Here they are wrapped in such a way that they react to pressure. Due to their versatile application, system compression springs are used among other things in the punching- and forming technology, in the injection moulding- and die cast tool construction and in the machine- and jig construction.

Strack Norma expands its range of springs with the variant SN2521, which is ideally suited for lower loads. Each load type is assigned its own colour label, which not only serves to distinguish quickly but also excludes confusion. Depending on the requirement a specific type of spring is used.

At the K 2019 Strack Norma will also present a new DLC-coated version of the ejector ping Z98. Thanks to the coating it provides for better dry emergency running properties and thus increases the service life of the tool and the productivity. The DLC-coating has a thickness of about 2 μm and a hardness of approximately 3.000 HV at friction value of 0,1-0,15.

This article was first published by ETMM.

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