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Press Release New Trimming Press with Intelligent Machine Control

Editor: Isabell Page

For ten years, Kurtz trimming presses have been standing for economical and future-proof punch deburring. The latest development Kurtz KPS 3000 / 25-12 SKT convinces with intelligent control and maintenance-free guiding system.

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Media supply at sliding-tilting table of KPS 3000 / 25-12 SKT
Media supply at sliding-tilting table of KPS 3000 / 25-12 SKT
(Source: Kurtz Ersa)

In addition to the external appearance of more than 8 m height, the inner values are also impressive – such as the significantly reduced noise emission with press and machine noises below 72 and 75 dB(A) respectively. In terms of cycle time reduction, the trimming process in the casting cell is playing a more and more important role: The Kurtz KPS 3000 / 25-12 SKT reduces the cycle time by up to 20 % with increased speed thanks to speed-controlled, highly energy-efficient motor pump drives and a new rotary drive concept for the sliding-tilting table. Moreover, the latest model of the Kurtz trimming presses convinces with an impressive 300 t press force and a large clamping surface.

The machine handling of the Kurtz trimming press also offers advantages – the central position for all consumables simplifies media management significantly. The user-friendly software interface enables machine analyses for process technologists and maintenance personnel. For a high availability of the KPS 3000 / 25-12 SKT, numerous sensors on process-relevant components allow to call up and monitor the status. In this way, possible downtimes can be detected or avoided at an early stage and corresponding maintenance work can be derived. Improved access to the components simplifies maintenance as well – for example, the maintenance platform encloses the hydraulic unit from three sides so that all valves are easily accessible.

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