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Quality Assurance New User-Friendly X-Ray Inspection System

Editor: Isabell Page

The latest generation for industrial radiography D-Tect X from DÜRR NDT was developed in close cooperation with Level 3 experts and users. The result is user-friendly and at the same time very flexible. Everything is covered, from image acquisition to image evaluation and report generation to data import and export.

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D-Tect X is the latest generation of DÜRR NDT’s proven software for industrial radiography.
D-Tect X is the latest generation of DÜRR NDT’s proven software for industrial radiography.
(Source: DÜRR NDT)

With support for graphics and multi-core processors, D-Tect X is fast, stable and easily copes with large volumes of image data. The software remains responsive at all times and also enables parallel working such as image evaluation while acquiring image data from a device. The user-interface can be fully customized to the user's preferences and supports working with multiple monitors and touchscreens.

Image acquisition is fast and intuitive. Preset parameters for imaging devices and user-friendly configuration tools, e.g. flat panel detector calibration, allow easy operation. In addition to DÜRR NDT devices such as imaging plate scanners and flat panel detectors, third-party devices such as film digitizers and X-ray sources are also supported.

It offers a variety of tools that support the user in image analysis and evaluation according to standards such as ASME, ASTM and ISO. The software also introduces X-Filter: with one click this new intelligent image optimization filter can highlight all decisive details for quick analysis and evaluation. Another handy feature is image history: every operation applied to an image since it was captured or imported is recorded and changes can be individually enabled and disabled. This also allows full traceability of all changes to any image.

Images and their metadata are saved in DICONDE format by default. This ensures that all images can be displayed and processed by any other system that supports the DICONDE standard.

Test reports are generated via the DRIVE NDT interface, so an individual and comprehensive test report can be created from the order and test data in just a few steps. By integration in a network or connection to a cloud, collaborative processes can also be realized.

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