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Heat Treatment Newalu Refines Aluminum for Lucid Air E-Limousine

Editor: Isabell Page

Newalu supplies heat-treated and ready-to-install aluminum components for the production of the Air electric sedan by Lucid Motors, a US car company specialized in electric cars. The major order, worth several million euros, comprises body parts which will be sent via a large German foundry to Newalu for finishing.

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The poduction of the Lucid Air e-limousine is scheduled to start this year.
The poduction of the Lucid Air e-limousine is scheduled to start this year.
(Source: Lucid Motors)

The order helps the medium-sized company out of the Covid-19 crisis with momentum. New production lines are being built at the Newalu's Delbrück site (Germany) and additional employees are being sought. Future new production orders are to be implemented increasingly at the Altheim (Germany) location.

"We are delighted about the prestigious major order for the world's most powerful and efficient luxury electric sedan. The growing trend towards e-mobility offers great future opportunities for lightweight design with aluminum and our services," said Martin Volpers, Managing Director of Newalu.

E-Mobility with Lightweight Aluminum Design

Production of the Lucid Air e-limousine is scheduled to start before the end of the year at Lucid's new factory in Casa Grande, Arizona. With its lightweight design and high-rev concept, the Lucid Air offers an output of 805 kW (1095 hp) with a range of 810 km. Further variants with less power but a longer range as well as lower prices have been announced for 2022. The project is driven by former Tesla managers.

The Newalu heat treatment brings the required material properties to the aluminum, such as strength and ductility. This makes it suitable for use in vehicle construction as a substitute for steel. For electric vehicles, every kilogram saved - since aluminum is lighter than steel - means more range for body parts or battery trays.

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