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Nexel — Network for Machine Builders and Suppliers

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In order to combine the know-how of both the supplier industry and machine and plant manufacturers, a group of independent companies have initiated the "Nexel network of excellent suppliers". The main feature of this network is the open exchange of information.

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In order to combine the know-how of both the supplier industry and machine and plant manufacturers, a group of independent companies have initiated the "Nexel network of excellent suppliers".
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The machinery and plant construction industry increasingly consists of lean, streamlined companies that focus on their core competencies. In order to succeed in this strategy, it is necessary to tab external know-how and expand the relationship between suppliers and customers.

Participants of the Nexel Symposium at the Automuseum Langenburg.
Participants of the Nexel Symposium at the Automuseum Langenburg.
( Source: Klaus Vollrath )

The aim of this network is to combine the know-how of the supplier industry with that of machine and plant manufacturers within the framework of a stable customer-supplier relationship. In order to professionalize this interaction, a group of leading independent machine and plant manufacturers initiated the "Nexel network of excellent suppliers". This network is supported and lead by Qesar from Bensheim. The main success factors of this initiative are the open exchange of solutions and experiences as well as the joint development of approaches with the aim of improving the companies’ strategic position among international competitors.

Connecting 250 to 300 Suppliers

“Our task is to organize the best-practice cooperation between the partners and their suppliers with the greatest possible advantages for all parties involved," says Jochen Latz, Managing Director of Qesar GmbH in Bensheim (Germany). The impetus for this initiative came from 26 companies in the German mechanical engineering and plant construction sector with a total of more than 12,000 employees and produce 4,150 machines per year. The procurement volume of these companies amounts to approx. € 500 million per year. In addition, the network's current cooperation partners include 130 suppliers who are listed as preferred suppliers. Joint projects of machine and plant manufacturers and their suppliers are carried out throughout the entire network. These projects cover a wide range of areas such as construction, production, marketing, service, administration and management, in order to create a systematic transfer of know-how between all parties involved under the motto "Profit through communication". The task of Qesar is to further expand the network and support all participating partners. The strategic goal is a total pool of 250 to 300 suppliers.

The Nexel Symposium, which took place for the first time on September 21st at the German Automuseum in Langenburg, is the most important meeting place of the network. At this occasion, well-known experts presented interdisciplinary topics such as "Security threats for the IT in industrial plants", the concept of "Packaging machines without electric cabinets", “China's strategic objectives and the associated opportunities for German machine builders” as well as the topic of "Robotics and mechanical engineering". As an additional support measure, the symposium also offered plenty of time and opportunity for extensive networking among the participants.


Networking at Many Levels

“We pursue a holistic approach and work at various levels to improve the quantitative and qualitative benefits of our cooperation partners," says Matthias Schäfer, Managing Director of Qesar. Quantitative improvements include structured and bundled volumes as well as the support of procurement marketing efforts between machine manufacturers and suppliers. Qualitative measures refer to strategic qualifications of all participants through proactive identification of important trends and a quick response to them. On suggestions from the network members, interdisciplinary topics are taken up and dealt with in the form of projects on part of machine and plant manufacturers and their suppliers. The results of these projects are made available to interested partners.

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