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Product News for Die Casting Optimization in the Area of Peripherals and Process Media

Editor: Nicole Kareta

"Preparation is everything - with the right tools for a smooth production start-up and casting process" is the motto under which FIMRO GmbH is presenting new products and further developments at EUROGUSS.

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The systems for cleaning the inside of spray tools save time otherwise needed for the disassembly.
The systems for cleaning the inside of spray tools save time otherwise needed for the disassembly.
(Source: gemeinfrei / Pixabay )

The company will be presenting systems for cleaning the inside of spray tools without the need for time-consuming disassembly. Thus, the spray nozzles are not only cleaned, but the adjustment of the spray nozzles is also maintained. This results in a reproducible spraying process. Systems for testing and cleaning the mold tempering channels and their latest developments will be presented, as well as their additional uses for cleaning sprayers and testing piston rods. All this is done in view of reducing the necessary personnel resources while keeping the equipment simple to operate. Thus, the foundry is well equipped for smooth production and valuable machine availability is gained.

Spray head interior cleaning system.
Spray head interior cleaning system.
(Source: FIMRO GmbH)

Naturally, visitors will also be advised on the latest developments in the field of peripherals from FONDAREX, REGLOPLAS, WOLLIN and COPROMEC, and possible process optimizations will be demonstrated. The optimal concept for service and maintenance will also be available for the peripherals. Thus, the performance of the peripherals should be utilized, while maintaining good availability and long durability.

At the FIMRO booth, the MORGAN company will present its latest crucible, ValuStar. This new crucible, with a significantly longer service life, has a consistent thermal conductivity with low energy consumption over the complete period of use.

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