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Automation Order Volume of Around One Million Euros for Mechanical Engineering Company

Editor: Nicole Kareta

Paul Köster GmbH manufactures complex assembly machine for engine and automobile manufacturer in China. As the special mechanical engineer from the Sauerland region explains in a press release, the medium-sized family business is taking on a major project with an order volume of around one million euros.

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The company is supplying a robotic cell for assembling sealing caps.
The company is supplying a robotic cell for assembling sealing caps.
(Source: Paul Köster GmbH)

Paul Köster GmbH will manufacture and deliver a complex assembly machine to the “Middle Kingdom” that’s specifically manufactured to customer requirements. This machine will be used in the production facilities of the FAW Group. As one of the largest automobile and engine manufacturers - not to mention a joint venture partner of Volkswagen AG - in China, FAW is planning and realizing the manufacture of a completely new generation of engines.

Köster Subsidiary in Suzhou Supplies Cells and Automation Technology

“We are supplying a robotic cell for assembling sealing caps which, with an integrated leak testing fixture, thus combines our three core areas of leak testing, assembly technology, and automation,” says Christopher Köster, sales employee. LK Special Automation Equipments Ltd., the wholly owned Suzhou-based subsidiary of Paul Köster GmbH, is also on board for this major order. “By supplying various cells and automation technology, our subsidiary is an important part of the overall project. Furthermore, the colleagues are directly on site, facilitate communication, and tend to the service side of things. It’s for precisely these types of projects that we founded the company,” emphasizes Christopher Köster.

A decisive criterion in awarding the contract was that the assembly machine be manufactured in - and imported from - Germany. In view of the technical complexity of the desired machine, the customer attached great importance to the high-quality “Made in Germany” label. “We are pleased to be an important part of this extensive and challenging major project,” says Christopher Köster.

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