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Furnaces and Cooling Chamber Perfect Mechanical Properties for Aluminum Sheets

Editor: Isabell Page

European aluminium producer Alro-Slatina is operating new Danieli homogenizing furnaces for the production of quality aluminium flat products at its site in Romania.

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New Danieli Olivotto Ferrè homogenizing furnaces and cooling chamber.
New Danieli Olivotto Ferrè homogenizing furnaces and cooling chamber.
(Source: Danieli Group)

The Romanian plant uses Danieli Olivotto Ferrè's technology to homogenize slabs of aluminum alloys, treating slabs measuring 500x1,650 mm and up to 8 m long, with a total annual capacity of up to 24,000 tons/year. Heating and soaking in two homogenizing furnaces and cooling in a cooling chamber are performed in continuous mode.

Furnace equipment and process controls perform in automatic mode, in a controlled atmosphere, matching the stringent AMS 2750E standard for aerospace markets. The subsequent slab cooling treatment delivers perfect quality in terms of mechanical/metallurgical properties.

Excellent results achieved for 140-ton, 500x1,650x7,600-mm aluminium slabs include:

  • 1st target temperature achieved, 440°C in 11 hrs.
  • 1st holding duration, 4 hrs. at. 440°C
  • Temperature uniformity achieved, ±5°C (as per AMS 2750E)
  • 2nd target temperature achieved, 470°C in 4.5 hrs.
  • 2nd holding duration, 24 hrs. at 470°C
  • Temperature uniformity achieved ±5°C (as per AMS 2750E)

Fuel and power consumption during the cycle have been maintained under the specified limit.

The plant is in industrial operation after a smooth commissioning sequence and final acceptance.

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