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Case Study Plunger Lubricant Extends Tool Life

Author / Editor: Darko Tomazic / Nicole Kareta

A large die casting foundry was looking for solutions to extend the tool life of its plunger tips while at the same time reducing the application quantities of plunger lubrication. These goals were achieved with Micro-Dose plunger lubricants from Chem-Trend.

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The MicroDose piston lubricant technology extended the service life of a foundry's piston tips and piston sleeves.
The MicroDose piston lubricant technology extended the service life of a foundry's piston tips and piston sleeves.
(Source: Chem-Trend)

By using Micro-Dose plunger lubricants from Chem-Trend, a die casting foundry was able to reduce the application rate of plunger lubrication by 76 %, while the tip life and sleeve life was increased by 50 % and 33% respectively. In addition, a significant improvement in air quality at the workplace could be observed, as less smoke and flames were produced during production.

Application Rates are Essential

In collaboration with the die caster, Chem-Trend conducted a series of trials to test the effects of different application quantities of their advanced micro-dose piston lubricants. Several trials have been conducted to determine when the best lubricating and lowest abrasive properties have been achieved with minimal application quantities. Initial observations showed signs of excessive plunger lubrication film, which can cause quality issues, such as casting stain and inclusions. Methodical testing has allowed the company to gradually reduce the application rates below the customer's target while optimizing the piston lubricant performance. Encouraged by the progress, the die caster agreed to extend the trial to another machine, resulting in similarly positive results.

Technology Enables Exceptional Lubricity

Chem-Trend introduced their advanced Micro-Dose plunger lubricant technology, which provides exceptional lubricity at low application rates. The success during the trial and the close collaboration with the die casting foundry allowed the company to further advance the program and test even more extensively until the ideal application quantity for better performance was found. However, the successful test was not the end of the project, but was extended to several other machines in partnership with the die casting foundry in order to find the ideal application quantity for above-average lubrication performance without error formation.

This case study originates from Chem-Trend.

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