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Press Release Process Optimization for the Casting Industry 4.0

Editor: Isabell Page

The iTAC Software AG and Provitec GmbH cooperate to jointly develop smart solutions for seamless monitoring and documentation of casting processes down to the unique item level. These solutions are already being used by renowned companies in the casting industry.

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Casting industry 4.0: iTAC and Provitec form strategic partnership
Casting industry 4.0: iTAC and Provitec form strategic partnership
(Source: ©sorapolujjin - stock.adobe.com / iTAC Software AG, punctum pr-agentur GmbH)

The software company iTAC has developed a special solution for the foundry industry. Ever more complex parts in the foundry industry - e.g. for electric vehicles - require a high degree of control and quality assurance of the die casting processes.

Together with Provitec GmbH, iTAC develops solutions for the optimization and monitoring of casting processes. For example, one joint development is being used in the production of a leading company in the foundry sector. This market participant is also increasingly producing castings for vehicles with electronic drives, such as battery housings and electric motor housings. The new solution monitors and optimizes the entire castings for vehicle, thereby reducing error rates and scrap. It integrates the entire production process, from casting, mechanical processing and laboratory checks to shipping.

In addition to the standard MES functionalities, the solution offers industry-specific features. These include the "birth lock" (i.e. if a defect is detected, the affected parts are locked immediately when serialization occurs, and a quality inspection is carried out). The locked products can not be dispatched without approval from the MES. This process is controlled based on parameters. In addition to the unique parts history including measurement and process data, an analysis of the process data, e.g. for heat treatment, can also be carried out.

Why it is Important to Open up to Foundry 4.0

These and other functionalities lead to a comprehensive MES solution - from the melting process to outgoing goods. Peter Bollinger, CEO of iTAC Software AG, explains: "Companies must open up to Foundry 4.0 if they want to survive in the market of the future. The parts are becoming more and more complex and increasingly technically dependent - at the same time, maximum precision is required. In order to guarantee high product quality and at the same time produce efficiently with low error rates and minimal scrap, MES and corresponding automation and AI solutions are essential."

This article is based on a press release by iTAC.

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