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Productive Milling Systems for Aluminum and Graphite Processing

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The tool manufacturer Hufschmied specializes in process optimization in the machining of difficult materials and presented its know-how at Intec in February 2019.

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Hufschmied presented the tools of the Proto-Line designed especially for aluminum machining.
Hufschmied presented the tools of the Proto-Line designed especially for aluminum machining.
( Source: Hufschmied )

Hufschmied presented the tools of the Proto-Line designed especially for aluminum machining. Due to their specially adapted cutting edge geometries, these tools deliver good surface qualities when machining aluminum honeycombs, plates, and profiles.

Machining and Friction Stir Welding

According to Hufschmied, roughing and finishing with the large selection of single and double-edged tools is possible without tool change in a significantly shorter time than with other tools. In addition, Hufschmied also offers wear-resistant welding pins in twelve different tooth and pin shapes for friction stir welding of aluminum and aluminum alloys, which due to their high seam strength and excellent surface quality minimize the rework effort.

Graphite Electrodes in "Good Shape"

In cooperation with the erosion experts from Exeron GmbH, Hufschmied also used the Intec for the presentation of the new Graftor tool series, which, thanks to its diamond coating, features a low cutting pressure. The combined rough-finish geometry is particularly well suited for the production of graphite electrodes.

Double Power for Ultrasonic Cutting

Hufschmied has also succeeded in virtually doubling the cutting performance with up to ten times higher vibration amplitudes in ultrasonic cutting, the company says. This is because the new monoblock VHM blades from the tool specialists enable high-precision material removal without scuffing, while at the same time offering much higher feed rates and lower tool wear. The blades are ideal for processing delamination-sensitive materials such as honeycomb plates or fabric stacks.

Hard Line Processes Hard Steels

With its "Hard-Line", Hufschmied also offers tools for the processing of steels up to 72 HRC - with a diameter of 0.5 mm for ball and torus cutters. These tools range from miniature cutters to large, multi-edged cutters for cutting tool construction with diameters of up to 20 mm, Hufschmied explains.

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