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Additive Manufacturing Real-Time Temperature Management for Die Casting Molds through Additive Manufacturing

Editor: Nicole Kareta

Additive manufacturing is used to achieve higher productivity and quality in die casting, enabling real-time optimization of the temperature balance.

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Additive manufacturing enables to optimized the temperature balance in real time.
Additive manufacturing enables to optimized the temperature balance in real time.
(Source: Oni Rhytemper)

With the current R&D collaborative project EDAM “Real-Time temperature management for Die Casting Molds through additive Manufacturing”, new ways of functionalizing die casting molds are being explored in order to significantly improve the temperature management of the die casting process. Contour-related temperature control channels are linked with tool-integrated sensors in order to specifically control the temperature balance of the die casting mold in critical areas and thus to influence it positively. By using additive manufacturing processes, an increase in productivity of the die-casting process and a significantly more efficient use of energy should be achieved. In addition, there is a desired improvement in the quality of the die-cast parts.

The EDAM R&D Project

EDAM is a research and development collaborative project and is funded by the Sächsische Aufbaubank (SAB).
The collaboration includes

  • DGH Heidenau GmbH & Co. KG (Druckguss Heidenau)
  • ONI Temperiertechnik Rhytemper GmbH
  • Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Umformtechnik IWU
  • Centre for applied research and technology e.V. (ZAFT)
  • Hermle Maschinenbau GmbH

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