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CHINA DIECASTING 2019 Reveal the Future, Transformation and Reborn of Chinese Die Casting Industry

Editor: Isabell Page

As one of the most influential die casting trade fairs in the world, CHINA DIECASTING & CHINA NONFERROUS 2019 opens its door again to the whole world from July 17 to 19 at Shanghai New International Expo Center, using Hall N1 to N3.

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CHINA DIECASTING is the the one-stop point to gather the richest resources and information of Chinese die casting market.
CHINA DIECASTING is the the one-stop point to gather the richest resources and information of Chinese die casting market.

More than 450 exhibitors will take this chance to display their new products and technologies, share the insights and visions, and discuss the opportunities and challenges in the coming years. There will be 12 onsite events focusing on the hottest topics including automotive, innovations, structural parts, and etc, which will again attract the concentration from the whole industry.

China's Automotive and Die Casting Industry is Facing new Challenges

Automotive industry is the largest user of die casting industry. The dependence of die casting industry on it is more than 60 %. Therefore, the development of automotive and die casting industry is closely related and interdependent.

After years of double-digit growth, China's automotive market has gradually entered a period of adjustment with weak overall performance. In the year of 2018, China's automotive production and sales showed negative growth for the first time. Among it, the cumulative annual sales of passenger cars in the broad sense were 23.74 million, a 3.9 % year-on-year drop. Despite the outstanding performance of new energy passenger cars, the annual sales of 1042,000 vehicles increased by 93.4 % year-on-year. The proportion is still very small.

The concentration of China's automotive industry is not enough, while the competition between automotive enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce. The top five passenger car companies (SAIC Volkswagen, SAIC GM, FAW Volkswagen, SGMW, Geely) only have a total market share of 37 %. With the liberalization of joint venture share ratio, the competition and cooperation between independent brands and foreign brands will be more open in the future, which may fasten the industry integration and eliminate vulnerable enterprises.

The Development of Domestic Die Casting Industry is Predicted Unoptimistic

In die casting industry, with the continuous development and growth of local die casting enterprises, especially the successful listing of some enterprises, their endless pursuit of business growth and a large amount of excess investment in production capacity have intensified industry competition. It greatly reduces industry’s profits, and brings incalculable negative effects on the overall sustainable development of die casting industry. In addition, the fierce competition from the upstream automotive enterprises leads to the huge cost pressure from the downstream industry chain.

Special Events: “Innovation” and “International Advanced Technology”

Facing the turbulent market, the upcoming CHINA DIECASTING 2019 aims at reveal the current situation, stimulate “Transformation” and “Reborn” to influence the whole market. The importance of “Innovation” has never been so highlighted in this unpredictable situation. Following this trend, the “Innovation Day” will be held again during CHINA DIECASTING 2019, which will definitely attract the attention of the whole industry.

The “Sino-Foreign Die Casting Development Forum” will be held first time during CHINA DIECASTING. Around 10 speakers from Europe will share their expertise and knowledge on the hottest topics including digitalization, intelligence, 5G and 3D printing.

About 450 exhibitors from 17 countries and regions will take this chance to showcase their latest products and technologies, especially the solutions to meet the growing demands of applications in automotive and 5G. More technical speeches and seminars will take place in the conference rooms and the exhibitors’ stand to show their competence.

Special Events: “Auto Day” and “Structural Part Manufacturing”

“Auto Day” and “Structural Part Manufacturing” feature the demands of OEMs and high-end technologies and solutions.
“Auto Day” and “Structural Part Manufacturing” feature the demands of OEMs and high-end technologies and solutions.

The future mobility on automotive has strongly influenced the development of the related industries. Will new energy and lightweight trend keep stimulating the revolution of die casting technologies and industry? The “Auto Day’ on CHINA DIECASTING 2019 has invited the representatives from OEMs – GM, Aiways and Qiantu, to share their opinions and announce their demands. On the other hand, the solution provides from leading die casters and mould manufacturers such as GF and SCIVEDA, as well as the European industry experts will also present their visions and experiences.

The topic on “Structural Part Manufacturing” remains hot in the recent years, as it presents the most high-ending technologies in die casting industry. A series of activities around this topic will take place onsite via: “Structural Part Manufacturing Display Area” and “Specific Visiting Route”. The leading companies like Aiways, DGS, Bühler, Oskar Frech, UBE, MAGMA will not only present the related products, but also arrange onsite technical speeches on the booth to share their technologies. A U5 aluminum car body will be brought by Aiways, while more structural parts will be showcased in the display area or exhibitors’ stand.

The One-Stop Point to Gather the Richest Information of Chinese Die Casting Market

After a more than 20 years’ development and being the leading die casting trade fair in Asia, CHINA DIECASTING is no doubly rated as the annual one-stop point to gather the richest resources and information. Showcasing the whole supply chain, the exhibition provides the whole world a best place to select the suppliers, meet with partners and customers. Therefore, the organizer provides a special “Premium Service Card” to serve those elite trade visitors who come from the application fields such as automotive, telecommunication, electronics and etc. The PSC Card provides customers a fast access to the show and “PSC Service Center” for high quality services. Moreover, it also provides more values such as online searching of suppliers and technical papers. The organizer will be your consultant anytime you are looking for the resources in Chinese die casting market.

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