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Product News Revolution in Die Casting: 10 Years of HERA™ Release Agents

From Johanna Erbacher

10 years ago, Chem-Trend launched HERA™ - High Efficiency Release Agents - innovative die lubricants for micro-spray application in die casting processes. Today, these die lubricants are still helping the die casting industry to cope with the highly competitive landscape, rising cost pressures, and the need to reduce their environmental footprint. The anniversary is the time to take stock of advances such as HERA™ that are helping to address these issues – EUROGUSS offers the ideal platform for this.

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Chem-Trend celebrates the 10-year anniversary of HERA™ Release Agents
Chem-Trend celebrates the 10-year anniversary of HERA™ Release Agents
(Source: gemeinfrei / Unsplash)

After 10 years in the market, one thing has become clear: HERA™ release agents from Chem-Trend ensure excellent results in die casting operations. Thanks to the application in the micro-spray process, the release agent is applied exactly where it is needed. This allows components to be produced with high efficiency. The use of HERA™ also has a very positive effect on extended tool life, which reduces high investment costs for replacement tools. In addition, significant savings in resources and waste reduction are achievable helping die casters achieve their goals in terms of cost optimisation and sustainability.

The extremely high potential for saving through HERA™ is also proven in practice: at a Chem-Trend customer in the automotive sector, the use of HERA™ reduced the cycle time by 10.5 percent, which led to a significant increase in productivity. In addition, the use of HERA™ by this customer was accompanied by a fundamentally optimised production process with reduced machine downtime and efficient, reliable and consistent spray application. Furthermore, the consumption of compressed air as well as dilution water requirements and the volume of wastewater produced were reduced enormously – this latter tends toward zero.

More information about HERA™ will be available at EUROGUSS at Chem-Trend's stand in Hall 7A / 7A-110.

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