Product News Robot Bandsaw Machines from Mössner

Editor: Nicole Kareta

Removing sprue systems with saws is the fastest and most efficient way to separate them from the casting. Mössner, a specialist in mechanical engineering, automation technology, and robotics enable close to contour sawing.

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Mössner's saws are equipped with various features.
Mössner's saws are equipped with various features.
(Source: Mössner)

Close to contour sawing reduces the amount of reworking required by machining at processing centres or robot milling stations and increases the amount of recyclable material and is therefore resource-saving and energy-efficient at the same time.

The robot bandsaw machines from Mössner are available in three different sizes according to the requirements of the customer.

Mössner's saws are equipped with:

  • Variable cutting speed
  • Minimum quantity spray device
  • Unit for separating the chips
  • Baffle plates for chips and sprue systems
  • Adjustable guide arm
  • Hydraulic band tensioning