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EUROGUSS 2020 Product News Robot-Mounted 3D Scanner

Editor: Nicole Kareta

At EUROGUSS 2020, Creaform will be presenting a robot-guided 3D scanner that has been developed from scratch. This accelerates non-contact dimensional quality control in manufacturing and manufacturing environments.

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Robot-mounted 3D scanner enables fast measurements
Robot-mounted 3D scanner enables fast measurements
(Source: gemeinfrei / Pixabay )

With built-in seven laser crosses, the system can now pick up to 480,000 measurements/second on complex surfaces with high reflectivity, providing faster data acquisition than ever before. Attuned to the needs and requirements of high-volume manufacturing operations, the robot-mounted optical-based 3D scanners seamlessly integrate within any working environments and without impeding the production workflow.

Maximum Operator Safety

By extending their optical-based 3D scanning technology to automated quality control processes, Creaform meets the market call for turnkey inspection solutions that can be seamlessly integrated right into the manufacturing stage. Along with enhanced shop-floor performance, the new MetraSCAN 3D R-Series enhancements capitalize on several application-oriented key features, such as an optimized robot reach to enable fast measurements of large parts with complex geometries. Its small shop-floor footprint and shop-floor-ready accessories provide easy control of the scanner parameters for maximum operator safety. Along with TRUaccuracy, it is also compatible with a turntable.

Watch here how automated inspection on the production floor works:

In addition to its rugged new design, the MetraSCAN 3D R-Series also features new glass-protected positioning targets that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and ensure overall improved durability in shop-floor environments, such as airborne dust or dirt, that could impact product lifecycle and require unnecessary and repetitive calibrations.

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