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Dossier Robotics

Robotics in Automation

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Robotics is increasingly finding its way into automated assembly. Reason enough to summarize the most compelling articles of recent months on robotics in a dossier.

The current issue of our dossier Robotics deals with various aspects of automated handling and assembly. The range spans from the planning of human-robot workplaces and construction kits for low-cost robots to key components. Here is a small selection:
  • Important helpers in production - the integration of lightweight robots into the machine and what design engineers have to take into account in doing so
  • Safety according to plan - researchers are working on new tools and methods for planning safe human-robot workplaces
  • Modular system for industrial service robotics - new service robotics modules for flexible robot applications in industrial environments
  • Drill 250,000 holes in no time - a specially developed robot accelerates the laying of cables and wires in a tunnel
  • Energy supply systems firmly under control - a modular holder system ensures dynamic energy supply for various robot types

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Whitepaper Cover: SLM


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