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Simultaneous Machining of Component Ends

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Parallel machining of the ends of shafts and axles shortens production time and increases competitiveness. With SSB-Maschinenbau, automated and cost-optimized production is possible.

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A machining center "from the shelf" is often not able to satisfactorily solve the tasks at hand, such as two-sided parallel end machining. With application-focused machine configurations, the company SSB-Maschinenbau supports the metal processing industry in this area.
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In component production, the time- and cost-saving, multi-spindle machining of ends of vehicle axles, profiles, shafts and component housings of all kinds poses a particular challenge, the SSB experts know. In many cases, a normal machining center "off the shelf" is not sufficient to economically accomplish certain machining tasks. With application-focused machine configurations, innovative special machine manufacturers support the metal-working industry so that these tasks can still be carried out lucratively. This also includes SSB-Maschinenbau from Bielefeld, a company that can offer a range of high-performance solutions in this area.


This is Why Special Machines Are Suitable for Hoggers

The special machine manufacturer SSB provides individual processing machines in portal design or horizontal or vertical moving column centers as well as special drilling and milling machines for the series production of small and large components for a wide range of industries. Holger Klatte, Head of Development at SSB-Maschinenbau adds: "Simultaneous machining of components is a special field. It is often very demanding in terms of clamping, tooling and control or software technology, but it is worth it for the manufacturer". Thus, the user saves time and money with an appropriate system that is precisely adapted to their production task. "We are also active in vehicle and machine construction as well as in agricultural machinery and conveyor technology, and with our unique high-performance systems we have established ourselves as a flexible partner," says Klatte.

Precisely Adjustable Cutting Technology

A good example is the manufacturing of component housings: A pump manufacturer commissioned SSB-Maschinenbau to develop a system for simultaneous end machining of various pump types. According to SSB, the machining task involved simultaneous facing and longitudinal turning as well as thread cutting of both pump ends. In close cooperation with the manufacturer, SSB-Maschinenbau developed a special clamping concept consisting of a three-point clamp and a centering device. Two facing slide heads with special tools for turning and thread cutting provided the necessary precision and cutting speed. A special automated loading and unloading concept guarantees a smooth and fast flow. Klatte continues: "The system was integrated precisely into the workflow of the pump manufacturer. The cost-reducing and quality specifications were met 100 %". The bottom line was that the SSB machine concepts were flexible and modular. Due to the cross-industry process competence, the Bielefeld-based company is also in a position to provide different plant types for end machining, the company claims. These can also be used, for example, for the production of vehicle axles, plough beam tubes, lifting mast profiles for forklifts or large shafts of all kinds.

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