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Interview with Metal AP "Southeast Asian Market shows a slowly but stable developing Character"

Editor: Isabell Page

This year EUROGUSS Asia Pacific will again take place as part of Metal AP in Bangkok from 12 - 14th December 2019. The Project Manager Lindsay Bao tells us in an interview how the organisation is progressing and what awaits the visitor at the Thai fair.

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METAL AP focuses on die casting, foundry, furnace and metallurgy in Southeast Asia.
METAL AP focuses on die casting, foundry, furnace and metallurgy in Southeast Asia.
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SPOTLIGHTMETAL: In less than three months the Metal AP in Bangkok is coming up. How are the preparations going?

Lindsay Bao: This is the second session of METAL AP. Based in experience and resources accumulated in last whole year, the event will be presented in a better way from event content to onsite services.

METAL AP, as the first exhibition focuses on die casting, foundry, furnace and metallurgy of Southeast Asia, has brought global brands to Thailand radiating to the rest of Southeast Asia last year. At the second METAL AP, exhibitors tend to be more rational. Many exhibitors decide to take part in METAL AP 2019 after careful consideration and site inspection last year. Exhibitors this year include Bühler Group, Italpresse Gauss, L.K., TBC and other famous die casting machine makers, European furnace brands such as StrikoWestofen and Stotek, nearly 10 mould and die makers mostly from Ningbo. Automation & peripheral equipment and release agent brands from Europe, Japan, China, India, China Taiwan and China Hongkong will also join us. The stage of booth application is not closed yet and a peak is expected in recent days. Final number of exhibitors will be around 80 (compared to 67 exhibitors in 2018).

Southeast Asian market shows a slowly but stably climbing and developing character. Suppliers who have accustomed to fast-growing Chinese market actually need more patience for its blossoms and fruits. In view of this, we will create more connections for suppliers by offering pre-show services and onsite activities including technical seminars, local agent recruiting, supplier & buyer matching.

SPOTLIGHTMETAL: Which categories do the exhibitors cover?

Lindsay Bao: METAL AP covers four themes including die casting, foundry, durance and metallurgy considering the continuity of metal industry. Die casting plays a key role because of Southeast Asia’s status in global auto production and sales performance – ranking eighth. From the perspective of enterprise participation and technology maturity, die casting is the most popular theme compared with the other three. For die casting, exhibit covers the whole chain ranging from treatment and melting of raw materials, die casting machine and peripheral equipment, to post-treatment and environmental protection, etc.

In order to learn and get more close to the market, we visited typical factories in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia after METAL AP 2018. Most equipment for production in those die casting factories are Japanese and they have been operated for 10 to 20 years. Though still in operation, these machines cannot meet more demanding requirements on product development and design. Therefore, in current stage of equipment update and upgrade, equipment of higher-performance at lower price will be accepted and welcome by the region. At the same time, local factories intend to start with collaborative design such as collaborative development of mould & die and collaborative cultivation of talents, and build their own key technical staff team gradually to improve production and management level of company.

SPOTLIGHTMETAL: Is the number of visitors expected to rise this year and what is the constellation of the visitor groups?

Lindsay Bao: As a bridge, METAL AP offers opportunities for local die casting factories and casting purchasers to communicate with excellent suppliers from the rest of the world. METAL AP aims to offer delicacy marketing services and introduce new products and technologies to the region, which will be warmly welcome by local firms. Last year, we have 2,439 trade visitors visited the event which is beyond our expectation. This year, we have expanded channels of visitor recruitment. In addition to local service team in Thailand, we managed to absorb resources of Vietnam and Malaysia partners because they are more close to the market. With above efforts, we believe we will make great progress in quality and quantity of visitor this year.

SPOTLIGHTMETAL: Will there be separate events in addition to the fair? What event should light metal foundries never miss?

Lindsay Bao: This year, we plan to carry out a series of activities in aspect of technical forum, excellent product display and business match-making.

In order to bring advanced technology to Southeast Asia and promote the understanding of local markets, we plan to hold Euro Tech Seminar and Thai Foundry Seminar, and build an area to display award-winning castings at Best Die Castings Competition in CHINA DIECASTING this July.

In order to create more opportunities for suppliers to do localization marketing, we help them to match with potential local agents, mould & die or casting purchasers. Such match-making services will be carries out continuously even after the exhibition.

SPOTLIGHTMETAL: As last year, there will also be an exhibitor pavilion “EUROGUSS Asia Pacific” organized by NürnbergMesse. Can you possibly give a short preview what will be shown here?

Lindsay Bao: As our long-term global partner, NürnbergMesse Group has cooperated with us since 2012 on CHINA DIECASTING and now on METAL AP. We take full advantages of each other’s strengths on professional exhibitor operation and technical background. EUROGUSS Asia Pacific will gather excellent die casting brands in Europe and bring them to METAL AP in name of MADE IN EUROPE. They will organize Euro Tech Seminar to share cutting-edge manufacturing technologies with local market.

Thank you for the interview, Mrs. Bao.

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