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Metal 3D Printing Spiral Cooling Channel Provides E-Motor Housing with Additional Function

Editor: Alexander Stark

Together with prospective engineers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, the service provider Parare has designed, adapted and manufactured an electric motor housing with integrated cooling channel.

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The cooling channel is already integrated in the housing of the electric motor.
The cooling channel is already integrated in the housing of the electric motor.
(Source: Parare)

In motorsport, every gram counts, because a lighter racing car consumes less energy. With increasing power of electric motors it becomes increasingly difficult to dissipate the heat from the motor - because the installation space is very limited. So why not integrate the cooling channel into the engine housing and provide the component with an additional function? That was the simple and ingenious idea behind the new engine housing, designed by Parare GmbH from Frickenhausen.

The result is a complex component, which at first glance looks quite inconspicuous from the outside. At second glance, one can see the cooling duct, which is easily visible on the outside of the engine housing. Inside the housing wall, the channel runs spirally through the component and ensures that the heat can be efficiently dissipated. Thus, a separate heat sink is not required. What used to be a component group has now become a component thanks to functional integration. The weight saving amount to between 30 % and 40 %.

This article was first published by Konstruktionspraxis.

Original: Dorothee Quitter / Translation: Alexander Stark

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