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Economic Situation

Stormy Times in the Foundry Industry

Whitepaper Cover: VCG

The automotive and supplier industry is currently in a very stormy period. Companies should recognize the first indicators and act promptly and consistently. But how can damage be avoided or minimized and what opportunities should be seized?

In the short term, damage can be turned away from the company and opportunities can be exploited in the long term. This applies also, and in particular the foundry industry. Sales declines, capacity adjustments, financial imbalances and bankruptcies are currently reported by the industry. Short-term action is required in many cases.

This whitepaper shows:

  • the current situation of the foundry industry
  • how to manage the process in the short and long term
  • relevant correcting levers for the short term
  • opportunities for the long term

The provider of this whitepaper

Johannes Messer - Consulting GmbH

Hünnecke 7
59889  Eslohe - Wenholthausen

Whitepaper Cover: VCG


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