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Nord Drivesystems Surface-Finished Aluminum in Drives

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Nord Drivesystems has developed the anti-corrosion treatment application NSD Tuph for demanding environment conditions and hygiene requirements: a surface finishing that makes aluminum drives robust and durable.

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The NSD Tuph surface finishing makes aluminium drives similarly corrosion-resistant as stainless steel versions.
The NSD Tuph surface finishing makes aluminium drives similarly corrosion-resistant as stainless steel versions.
(Source: Nord Drivesystems)

According to Nord Drivesystems, their surface finishing is a potent anti-corrosion treatment for gears, smooth motors, frequency converters and motor starters in washdown-optimized cast aluminum housings. In a special process, the surface is made corrosion-resistant and harder, which makes aluminum almost as corrosion-resistant as stainless steel. This does not involve a coating, but the surface refinement creates a protective layer that is permanently joined to the base material. In contrast to paints or coatings, nothing can chip or flake off. Any damage remains local and does not spread. The surface is easy to clean and largely resistant to acids and alkalis. Even the use of high-pressure cleaning equipment or many aggressive media is possible.

Robust Aluminum Drives Available in Several Versions

NSD-Tuph drives thus represent a robust and durable alternative to lacquered geared motors or those made of stainless steel. Unlike stainless steel drives, which are offered by a few manufacturers and are only available in a few versions, an NSD-Tuph finish is available for almost all Nord products made of aluminum. DIN and standard parts as well as the driveshafts are made of stainless steel. The fanless smooth motors don't contribute to the spread of germs and ensure smooth running. They are available as synchronous and asynchronous motors and meet the efficiency classes IE2 and IE3 (asynchronous) as well as IE4 (synchronous).

Drives with NSD Tuph comply with FDA Title 21 CFR 175.300 and are therefore suitable for food applications. They have been tested in compliance with ASTM D714 (bubble formation), ASTM D610-08 (corrosion), ASTM D1654-08 according to DIN EN ISO 2409 (scratches), ASTM B117-09 according to DIN EN ISO 9227 (salt spray test) and ASTM D3170 (gravelometer). In addition, the resistance to the common cleaning agents of the food industry has been verified by tests.

All drives used in extreme surrounding conditions and hygiene-critical applications benefit from this surface finishing. Applications include beverage and food production, the pharmaceutical industry, water treatment and waste water treatment plants as well as applications in offshore and coastal areas.

Two-Stage Helical-Worm Gear Unit Made of Aluminum

Nord Drivesystems has fundamentally redesigned its SK 02040 two-stage helical-worm gear unit. The new SK 02040.1 made of high-strength aluminumreplaces the previous cast iron product. According to the manufacturer, the block housing made of die cast aluminum guarantees maximum strength and rigidity at a low weight. In addition, aluminum is much more resistant to corrosion than steel and can be further protected with additional measures such as the "nsd tupH" surface finishing.

Gear Unit Available in Universal Foot-Flange Design

The two-stage SK 02040.1 helical-worm gear unit features a power range from 0.12 to 1.10 kW and covers torques of up to 100 Nm. The wide range of transmission ratios from 5.37:1 to 330:1 is designed to enable an optimum adaptation to the respective customer requirements. The new gearbox is available in a universal foot-flange design and offers the greatest possible flexibility through numerous equipment variants and mounting options such as flanges and torque support. All variants are available with solid or hollow shafts. The motor can be mounted directly with no coupling or adapter (IEC or Nema) required.

With the SK 02040.1, Nord Drivesystems has added a compact helical-worm gear unit to its product portfolio that can be configured quickly and easily to suit a wide range of applications, the manufacturer says.

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