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Pleasant Climate in Industrial Halls Sustainable Heating and Cooling with the Right Ventilation Technology

Author / Editor: Dieter Nunner, Ferdinand Ehard / MA Alexander Stark

With efficient ventilation technology LK Metallwaren GmbH ensures a pleasant and sustainable climate in the production halls of CAD/CAM Schinkowski GmbH. The technologies also ensure lower energy consumption and lower costs.

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Efficient ventilation systems in production halls.
Efficient ventilation systems in production halls.
(Source: gemeinfrei / Pexels )

When summer temperatures rise above 30 °C for several days - or even months, as was the case in the record summer of 2018 - industrial halls with inappropriate or outdated ventilation systems can heat up quickly; temperatures of 40 °C become more frequent. CAD/CAM Schinkowski GmbH, which manufactures models, tools and molds for the automotive industry and its suppliers, has also had to deal with very high temperatures in the production halls in recent years. In order to improve the climate in the halls and thus create an optimal working environment for the employees, the tool and model maker recently relies on the expertise of LK Metall. “The ventilation systems and decentralized air conditioning systems from LK Metall have significantly improved the climate in our halls," says Managing Director Thomas Schinkowski.

"Even with the extremely high outside temperatures of summer 2018, the temperature in the production halls never rose above 26 °C.” In total, the contract comprised two existing buildings (8 and 10.5 m high) with a total area of 1,000 m2 as well as a newly built hall (12 m high), also with an area of 1,000 m2.

"To cool the halls in summer, we installed LK TK 100 air conditioners. The cooling capacity per system is 100 kW with an air capacity of 18,000 m3/h each," explains Harald Wimmer, Sales Manager at LK Metall. "The air supply duct system is used for both heating and cooling, with multileaf dampers used to control the air supply. The control is ensured by our Wago PLC control, which has been adapted to the individual needs of the Schinkowski company."

Using Energy Efficiently to Generate Heat

LK Metall chose a LK ventilation system Reku 10 for both the existing and the new hall area. The supply and exhaust air capacity of a single ventilation system is 10,000 m³/h. Thanks to an elaborate aluminum heat exchanger, up to 84 % of the energy can be extracted from the hall air, guaranteeing economical ventilation of the production halls. With the old ventilation system, it was not possible to use the process exhaust air in the halls, as it accumulated under the hall ceiling and was discharged via the smoke exhaust flaps (SHEVs) without heat recovery. With the new system, fresh outdoor air is now heated up in winter via heat recovery and fed into the hall; reheating of the outdoor air is only necessary to a limited extent.

The fresh air is fed in via a thermal supply air distributor. Since the supply and exhaust air streams are not mixed, heat can also be recovered from polluted air. This results in reduced heating costs - the investment in the system pays off very quickly. To prevent the supply air from heating up in summer, the ventilation system is equipped with a bypass control: The heat recovery is bypassed and is ventilated without heating.

Individually Applicable

The ventilation system from LK Metall can be used to ventilate industrial and commercial halls and is also suitable for companies that have to ensure a constant exchange of air for production reasons. The ventilation system can be installed either on the hall roof or, with the help of a specially manufactured metal construction, on a side wall. All ventilation systems from LK Metall comply with the current Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) and the requirements of the Renewable Energy Heat Act (EEWärmeG).

This article was first published by MM MaschinenMarkt.

Original by Frauke Finus / Translation by Alexander Stark

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