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Direct Fastening Tailor-made Joint Dimensioning for Direct Fastening into Light Metal with EJOT ALtracs® Plus and ALtra CALC®

From Johanna Erbacher

As valuable support for design engineers and developers EJOT offers prognosis programs for the pre-dimensioning of direct fastening into thermoplastics and light metal. Fastening parameters can be calculated with these tools, by taking the material and design parameters into consideration. Numerous practical examples show that these programs can already achieve significant savings during the development phase. The program ALtra CALC® has been specifically developed for the prognosis of direct fastening into light metal.

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The EJOT ALtra CALC® program was developed especially for the prediction of direct screw connections in light metal.
The EJOT ALtra CALC® program was developed especially for the prediction of direct screw connections in light metal.
(Source: EJOT SE & Co. KG)

EJOT ALtracs® Plus screws are specially developed self-tapping fasteners for maximum strength when fastening into light metal materials up to a hardness of 140 HB. By eliminating typical operations such as drilling, tapping, cleaning and optimisation in the areas of tool procurement, warehousing and shorter cycle times, the life cycle costs of a connection can be significantly reduced with the use of the ALtracs® Plus.

The ALtra CALC® prognosis program has been tailored to suit the ALtracs® Plus screw over the course of extensive research and application activities, starting with the product development phase, in order to offer the best possible support. With this tool, the fastening parameters of the ALtracs® Plus are calculated depending on the materials and design parameters – the customer is thus provided with a considerable part of EJOT's application technology know-how in "software form".

The ALtra CALC® prognosis program is also part of the online service area "CAD & more" at “www.ejot.com/industry”. After the necessary registration, designers and developers can use this calculation tool directly online in a so-called "light version" in addition to extensive download options, for example of CAD data. "Light", because the tools have been developed to be as user-friendly as possible by pursuing a "less is more" concept. For more complex applications that might not be covered by this online version, the customer can still access the complete fastening technology know-how of the EJOT application engineers and of the APPLITEC laboratory.


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