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High Pressure Die Casting

The 4 Challenges in Aluminum High Pressure Die Casting

Whitepaper Cover: Johannes Messer – Consulting GmbH

The worldwide aluminum foundry industry has been undergoing massive change for several years. Strong growth across the industry and significant changes in ownership have changed the industry dramatically.

In the context of the current changes in the automotive industry (weight reduction, e-mobility), the actual product portfolio of the aluminum foundry industry will change "revolutionary". Further challenges are the internationalization, the introduction of new technologies and the important issue of employees.

Only foundries that have short-term strategic answers to these major challenges will be successful in the long run.

This whitepaper contains:
  • Challenge 1: Internationalization
  • Challenge 2: Product Portfolio
  • Challenge 3: New Technologies
  • Challenge 4: Employee Recruitment
  • Future Trends
  • To Dos‘s for Foundries

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Whitepaper Cover: Johannes Messer – Consulting GmbH


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