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Webinar Playout: Altair (Altair)

Lightweighting in the Automotive Industry

The Altair Enlighten Award 2020 winners and highlights

Lightweighting in the Automotive Industry

The Altair Enlighten Award 2020 winners and highlights


How can you build lighter vehicles and meet emission targets? Who are the best in this field? The winners of the Altair Enlighten Award 2019 know the answers to these questions. Meet them in the webinar and become the next lightweighting champion!

The Altair Enlighten Award promotes innovation, and honors the greatest achievements in automotive vehicle weight saving. The award is presented in the following categories: Full Vehicle - exceptional achievement in the lightweighting of an entire vehicle; Module - innovation in the lightweighting of a subsystem or component; Enabling Technology - any technology that enables lightweight innovation in a vehicle, such as a material or joining technology; The Future of Lightweighting – innovative ideas, processes, materials, and technologies that have significant potential to support lightweighting initiatives, but have yet to be leveraged on a production vehicle platform. The 2019 Altair Enlighten Award recognized seven projects including Ferrari, FCA, ZF, MSC Smart Steel, and a collaborative effort by Alba, AMC, and csi entwicklungstechnik GmbH In the webinar you will learn:
  • Why lightweighting is so important in the automotive industry
  • Which categories are awarded
  • Which innovations are among the 2019 prize winners
  • Why the Altair Enlighten Award enjoys such a high reputation
  • Why you should participate in the Altair Enlighten Award

Speaker in the webinar:
Richard Yen of Altair Engineering 
With over 31 years at Altair, Mr. Yen currently leads the Strategic Solutions Team, with his specialty being in the automotive segment.

Richard will be joined on the webinar by some of the past Enlighten Award winners. Hear more from them about the value of winning an Enlighten Award.

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