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The Indian Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting Industry

Whitepaper Cover: Vogel Communications Group

Learn more about the history and the current economic situation of the Indian die casting industry. The whitepaper also examines the latest technical developments as well as the opportunities and challenges for the Indian die casting market.

Global OEM`s have put their focus on India as a manufacturing hub since years. Good framework conditions such as political stability and a large investor base lead to record-breaking numbers.

The domestic aluminium high pressure die casting industry beneftis from this development. Nowadays skilled labour using equipment built with the latest technologies produce castings which are mainly used in the automotive sector.
The automotive industry as the largest customer in the casting industry ensures its long-term success and rosy future prospects.

Learn more about the current status and the predicted future of die casting in India by reading this whitepaper.


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Whitepaper Cover: Vogel Communications Group


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