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Digital Die Casting The New Digital Die Casting Services from Bühler

Author / Editor: Bühler Group / Isabell Page

The new digital die casting services from Bühler Group are digital services for immediate assistance and enable faster and more individual support.

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Bühler Digital Service
Bühler Digital Service
(Source: Bühler Group)

The Die Casting Remote App enables customers to connect with Bühler at any time and from everywhere. Other than telephone support, the usage of glasses allows the service technician to see exactly what the eyeglass wearer sees and – what is even more important – to directly show data and instructions or exchange information.

Main Benefits

  • Worldwide real-time assistance from trained service technicians for repair, service and maintenance
  • Already applicable to facilitate communication for the design of the machine, special constructions, installation and start-up
  • Easily accessible training and background information

Technical Details

  • Remote service with Vuzix data glasses and mobile devices
  • Virtual & augmented reality with HoloLens and mobile devices

Die casting app to connect you with a Bühler technician who is able to give live-support.
Die casting app to connect you with a Bühler technician who is able to give live-support.
(Source: Bühler Group)

The digital services are complemented with virtual & augmented reality. The Die Casting AR App helps to handle major components of the Bühler die casting system. With the help of the app e.g. the dismantling of pumps is explained step by step and in 3D. Additional information and documents are directly available – enabling the user of the app to independently conduct the necessary steps. With the digital die casting services Bühler is closer to the customer and gives support even faster.

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