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The Top 100 Automotive Suppliers of the Year 2017

Whitepaper Cover: Redaktion AUTOMOBIL INDUSTRIE

Current discussions do not predict a bright future for the car industry — the past financial year was nevertheless quite satisfying. New competition is also making things move.

To get an overview of the ten largest international automotive suppliers of the past financial year, a glance at the top 100 in 2016 is enough: last year no company entered or left the top ranks. The top three are defending their positions forcefully and have already been represented in the same order in the Berylls Top 100 Supplier Ranking of the past two years.

The success of the big three companies is bolstered by the fact that there are only very few cars produced worldwide that are not equipped without any of the components supplied by the top players — regardless of whether it is budget cars or luxury sedans, e-mobiles or conventionally powered models.

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Whitepaper Cover: Redaktion AUTOMOBIL INDUSTRIE


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