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The Top Technology Trends in the Industry – Part 1

Whitepaper Cover: SPOTLIGHTMETAL

In the fast moving times of digitalization it is often difficult to stay up to date. Read about the eight trends that the industry is facing.

Whether machine learning, surgical robots or blockchain technology - there are trend topics in both industry and many other sectors. To learn which trends are particularly important, read our dossier on "Technology Trends in the Industry - Part 1".

The digitalization of industry is progressing unstoppably - with the help of intelligent robots, artificial intelligence, and technologies for the Internet of Things. We have selected eight current developments and industry trends that should be considered. The dossier not only focuses on the presentation of new technologies, but also raises questions about how we should deal with increasingly intelligent machines and artificial intelligence in the future.

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Whitepaper Cover: SPOTLIGHTMETAL


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