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Total Thermal Vision Thermal Vision for High Pressure Die Casting Machine

Author / Editor: Marposs India / Isabell Page

Thermal Vision is an innovative technology for real time monitoring of the thermal map of a die surface for high pressure die cast processing of light alloys.

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Total Thermal Vision is a proven infrared thermography solution to capture and visualize the thermal map of the die surface.
Total Thermal Vision is a proven infrared thermography solution to capture and visualize the thermal map of the die surface.
(Source: Marposs)

Thermal Vision is a growing process in the automotive sector, which is strongly committed to reducing the weight of structures for improved fuel economy. The goal is to assist customers in achieving the highest quality in their casting processes to meet the most rigorous demands, while providing, at the same time, an optimum die process monitoring solution together with best practice in die lubrication. Professional equipment provides the key to efficient part quality and machine control in applications where thousands of die casts are performed monthly. A thermal map of the die surface is created by integrating infrared thermographic cameras in the machine, thereby making it possible to optimize the lubrication phase during the die casting cycle, and to obtain a deep knowledge of the process.

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Die surface temperature is crucial for high quality, efficiency and faultless processes. A majority of defects in die casting processes, such as shrinkage, porosity, cracks, and blisters, is caused by an out-of-control die temperature.

To nip casting problems in the bud, it is mandatory to monitor, in real time and without interruption of the production cycle, the die temperature surface and related spray effect. High or cold die temperatures have a negative impact on tool life, start up and cycle time, as well as energy consumption and maintenance costs due to unnecessary use of thermal regulation, air pressure, and/or water based lubricant blow.


Total Thermal Vision is a proven infrared thermography solution to capture and visualize the thermal map of the die surface. Years of experience and multiple applications in operations worldwide make TTV the optimal solution to increase die casting quality and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

At the core of the equipment are the high performance IR sensor and image elaboration devices, both protected by a cylindrical stainless steel housing. Germanium glass (transparent to IR), protected by an air operated shutter and an air cooling system, allows the cameras to operate in the aggressive foundry environment. Simple installation into machine and the friendly human interface allow casters to have immediate overview of die surface temperature distribution, without process interruptions. Max and Min surface temperature of Regions Of Interest (up to 10 R.O.I.s) of both half mold, trends and related alarms presented on the screen allow the operator to take appropriate countermeasure in the tool temperature setting and/or spraying optimization.

Single images are stored for post process "big data" analysis, die programs archive, part ID and history, making TTV the unique die surface monitoring solution for advanced die casting production in modern foundries.

Benefits with Total Thermal Vision

  • Optimization of cycle time, thanks to spray lubrication and minimized tool cooling
  • Increased machine efficiency, thanks to reduction of production start time (warm up)
  • Increased die lifespan, thanks to optimal die surface temperature
  • Higher part quality, thanks to data analysis to set processes and a corresponding reduction of scrap
  • Cost savings due to less lubricant consumption and waste water
  • Better analysis of process failures to enable taking countermeasures and improving machine efficiency
  • Increase of production time due to minor and uncontrolled process stops
  • Process and part identification history

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