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EUROGUSS 2020 News This is what the 20th Die Casting Day is All About

Editor: Nicole Kareta

The 20th Die Casting Day will take place from 14th to 16th January parallel to the EUROGUSS trade fair. The congress is co-organised by the VDD (Association of German Die Casting Foundries) and the BDG (Germany Foundry Association). It attracts representatives of die casting foundries, the associated supply industry, universities and institutes.

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The 20th die casting day looks at the entire die casting process chain.
The 20th die casting day looks at the entire die casting process chain.
(Source: NuernbergMesse / Heiko Stahl)

What are the new technologies in the die casting process? What are the trends in processes and materials? What's happening at the user end? These are the kinds of questions that will be addressed at the 20th Die Casting Congress. The congress looks at the entire die casting process chain. Alongside traditional topics like tooling technologies and developments in materials, the event will also explore the requirements for auxiliaries and operating resources as well as cutting-edge technologies, such as for Industry 4.0, with their opportunities and challenges for die casting. The highcalibre speakers will also discuss advances in digitalisation and simulation as well as the potentials of additive manufacturing and three-dimensional testing procedures.

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